Frequently asked Questions

Your customers see a simple, easy to use web site that allows them to pick a date and then see everything that you offer that is still available for that date. They are never shown items or services that aren't actually available.

We are NOT talking about a common request form...but real-time inventory tracking!

Never double book or miss a delivery again!
Use your voice mail to send your customers to your website to place their order right away for best selection.

Your customers will appreciate instantly emailed receipts with pictures and deposit information. They will also appreciate the reminders that are automatically sent to them.

Customers like being asked about their opinions (and you'll like the feedback). That's why BOSS automatically sends each customer an on-line survey and can ask them to rate or comment on anything that you would like to know.
Well, it's all the rage right now and it should be. SEO, in case you don't know, stands for "Search Engine Optimization." People talk about it because when a site is "optimized," search engines like Google find the site easier and place it higher in the organic search results. The goal is to be ranked as high as possible. Statistics show that if you aren't on the first page of a Google search, you basically have a zero chance of being found at all because people don't typically look past the first page.

We are always improving our sites' SEO. One of our SEO experts used to teach SEO tips and tricks to tons of clients while operating a multimedia company that produced high end websites.

Our sites come pre-loaded with keywords for your industry. For best results, you'll still want to tweak and edit the text, and have good, incoming links to your website. Your website will be very user-friendly and allows you to easily edit and tweak your text, meta tags, and meta descriptions. It is so easy that you never need to see any code or HTML (unless you want to of course.)
We offer our own Merchant Service and Payment Gateway! Recurring Billing at any interval is included. We offer great rates, no hidden fees, in-house Tech Support, and a completely streamlined interface, since you don't have to leave our system to manage your account.

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